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Beaverton Schools


Readers Theater Script
Ground Breaking Ceremony, May 20, 2008

We Love This Beautiful Land!

Student 1: We are standing in a beautiful place, in this land called North Bethany.

Student 2: The first immigrants went to the valley, where land was flatter and there were fewer trees. They could get free land just by moving there and farming for four years.

Student 3: But in the 1850s, as the valley filled up, settlers came to these hills. One of the first land claims was by a man named Mr. Bull.

All: He loved this beautiful land.

Student 4: Jacob, Peter, and John Brugger also claimed land here. They came to Oregon from Switzerland. John ran a flour mill and Peter cut logs into lumber.

All: They loved this beautiful land.

Student 5: In 1876 Samuel Siegenthaler and his friends bought some land. One of the men became the first postmaster. A town started, which became known as "Old Bethany."

Student 6: Old Bethany had a post office, stagecoach stop, and a store. A house still stands today.

All: They loved this beautiful land.

Student 7: A man named Mr. Graf also lived in this area. He had a very successful farm. Mr. Graf produced hay, beef, pork, chicken, fruit, potatoes, and dairy products like cream and butter.

All: He loved this beautiful land.

Student 8: Farmers continued to work on the land well into the 20th century. Another town called "New Bethany" had a general store and a grocery store. The Mad Greek Deli today is on the site of the first general store.

All: They loved this beautiful land.

Student 1: One reason that people liked this area was Springville Road. This road was first an Indian trail. The trail was made into a road which helped farmers transport their products.

All: They loved this beautiful land.

Student 2: The first school in the region was Union School. In 1865 Union School had 54 students. In 1883 the school had 124 students.

Student 3: This area got its own school in 1888. This was Bethany School. It was located on what is now the Rock Creek campus.

Student 4: A second Bethany School was built on Springville Road in 1900. Later Bethany was merged with Union School.

Student 5: Some people wanted German to be taught in the school, but later they settled on English. The area continued to attract more people.

All: They loved this beautiful land.

Student 6: Now a brand new school will be built here. It is in a special place. This is where farmers have worked for 160 years. This is where Indians traveled. This is where an important road was made.

Student 7: This is where lots of people now live and need a school. This school will be a wonderful place with lots of students, teachers, and parents who help.

Student 8: We will look out the windows and see the meadows, hills and trees. This is a special place for a school!

All: We love this beautiful land!