Springville Kindergarten Information

Welcome to Springville!  We are pleased to start the new school year very soon and meet our future Springville Wolves! 

The schedule for parents to sign up for an individual student assessment appointment on either Tuesday, September 3rd or Wednesday, September 4th is now open. Click the button below to sign up for an appointment time.

Each appointment is approximately 20-30 minutes long.  Students will be assessed to determine basic literacy and number skills. If you are unable to sign up for one of these days, your student will complete the assessment during a school day.

Parents of English Language Learners will be contacted by the School District to schedule an appointment so that a translator can be present.

Parents should plan to arrive 5 minutes early for your assigned time, and remain on site for the duration of the appointment. When you arrive at Springville, please check in at the front office. A Springville staff member will escort your student to one of the Kindergarten classrooms. Parents may wait in the front entry for their child to return. Parents may not walk students beyond the office area.

Kindergarten Assessment Appointment Sign-Up


First Week of School for Kindergartners

Monday, September 2: Holiday - No school

Tuesday, September 3: Assessments by appointment only

Wednesday, September 4: Assessments by appointment only

Thursday, September 5: First day of school for K students whose last name starts with A-L

Friday, September 6: The first day of school for K students whose last name starts with M-Z

*Please note: Kindergarten students will not be assigned to a teacher until the afternoon of Friday, September 6. Teachers will be using the information gained from the assessments and from the first two days with students to create balanced classrooms. Families will receive notification of teacher and student placements after school on Friday, Sept. 6.

Monday, September 9: First day of school for all kindergarten students

Thursday, September 11: Back to School Night

This is a non-student event. We ask that families attend without children to hear important information from teachers about expectations and curriculum.

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